Italy. Beautiful beaches, historic sites, and balmy weather combine to make Italy one of the most gorgeous tourist hotspots in the world. If you’re coming to Italy with the intention of touring some of the famous sights and sounds, there are few better ways to accomplish this than on a bicycle.

Bicycling through Italy can be a truly unique experience. You will be able to touch and feel things up close and stop along the way to enjoy points of interest. Get started today. Rent a bike and hit the Italian coastline for hours of perfect weather and healthy exercise.

Tuscany. Beautiful Tuscany is what art is made of. If you truly want a taste of Italy, taking a bike ride through this gorgeous region is the way to go. The duration of the journey is about 8 days/7nights. There are accommodations and cities along the way, as well as cafes and points of interest. You’ll experience the territories of Crete Senesi, Chianti, Val d’Arno, and Certaldo, the birthplace of the novelist Boccaccio. Gmignano is one of the few places in the world where you can stop and view a perfectly preserved medieval village. The landscape and history of the Tuscany route is not to be missed.

Sicily. The Etna Volcano is the main attraction on this route. The full journey takes 7days/8nights, and can be taken with a group or as an individual cyclist. Hotels and bed and breakfasts can be found along the way. A one-day excursion will take you up the Etna Volcano to observe how the hardened lava has formed into incredible geological formations. You can explore grasslands, lava tunnels, and both old and new lava rivers. You will find “lunar” landscaping, patches where hot lava stripped away the vegetation, causing it to resemble the surface of the moon.

Po River. What makes bicycling tours so much fun is that you can travel at your pace while enjoying the great outdoors. Taking a biking trip along the Po River will be an experience that you’ll never forget. The journey takes about 8 days to complete. You can lodge in bed and breakfasts along the way. If a view of the Alps, crisp fresh air and quaint towns and villages fulfill your fantasies about what to find in Italy, the Po River is the perfect bicycling tour for you to take. It can be traveled with friends or as an individual.

From Genova to Cinque Terre. This route can take anywhere from 5 to 7 days to complete, depending on how quickly you travel. The path is a fair challenge for both beginners and pros. This gorgeous route plunges right into the heart of Genova, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. It proceeds to curve down a beautiful stretch of coastline known as Unesco, later leading you to Portovenere, a quaint village standing on the threshold of the island of Palmaria. You will also see ancient stone villages dotted along the route in addition to ‘The Slate,” a 12th Century Basilica.

Dolomites Route. Equally as stunning in natural beauty as every other Italian biking route, you can be sure to see all sorts of flora and fauna along the Dolomites route. You will cycle through the Hohlenstein Valley. After passing through the valley you will be able to view Drei Zinnen, or The Three Peaks. You will also be able to view the Olympic city of Cortena d’Ampezzo. Once you reach ‘The Bridge in the Alps,’ you will have made it to Dolomites. If you follow the River Sile you will eventually reach the famous region of Venice.

The Pilgrim Route. This biking adventure will take you from the Aosta Valley to Piedmont. You will travel over the same route that Pilgrims took while headed towards Rome. It is an experience like no other. It takes about one week to complete the route at a leisurely pace. You can view the circle of Alpine mountains from within Aosta before passing into an area dotted with ancient Roman ruins. You will see lakes in Ivrea and rice fields in Vercelli. The beautiful Ticino Park is perfect for those who love nature. The route ends in Pavia.

Sicily Route. Sicily has more to offer than the mere tranquility of nature. A second route can take you through the heart of the region, allowing you to get up close and personal with the sights, sounds and tastes of the territory. Steep yourself in the ancient Mediterranean traditions of the Sicilian coastline and watch the fishermen cast their nets into the sea. You can also visit places like Segesta, a town rumored to have come about from descendants of the ancient city of Troy. Erice is perhaps the most scenic spot on the route, suspended right above Trapani.

Turin. As one of the shorter bicycling routes, it cuts right through the center of Turin, a former host of the 2006 Winter Games. The Reggia of Venaria was actually used at the original model for France’s Versailles. Also, biking through the city at night is a must for anybody visiting Turin. The Park of Valentino boasts a small medieval-inspired castle. Your path will take you under boulevards, through city parks and near bustling city streets. Turin is, in fact, considered the third point of a “magic triangle,” that also includes London and Prague. It is rightly theorized as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Delta Po. This is an unusual but beautiful route for bicyclers to take. Herons, fishermen and casoni boats populate the Po Delta. There are other attractions to take in as well, including the lighthouse of Gorino and the Adria, a great river that splits into several branches. The fishing valleys of the Delta Po are also a must-see attraction for the first time visitor. Some of the trails along the Delta Po are dirt, so it is important to bring a slightly stronger bike along for the ride.